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Human SNP Linkage Scans



HumanLinkage Marker Panel
CIDR is continuing to offer a linkage service using the Illumina QC array. We will choose and manually review a subset of approximately 6,000 high quality, high minor allele frequency SNPs spaced throughout the genome. We would be happy to work with investigators to adapt this process to the requirements of their study. 


Data from both reviewed and non-reviewed SNPs will be released. A technical filter will be applied to the non-reviewed SNPs to eliminate total assay failures.


Released data includes raw data files (.idat files), genotypes, quality scores, intensity values, SNP and sample summary tables including quality flags and comments and SNP cluster definition files. We will include a flag to indicate whether a SNP has been manually reviewed and whether the clusters have been manually adjusted.


Under the NIH CIDR Program, a single application can be submitted for both linkage as well as follow up fine mapping using our custom SNP service.















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A Research Technologist examines Illumina Beadchips


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