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Project Initiation


Once a project is approved for access to CIDR, we will contact you to begin project initation.


Step 1 - Schedule a Project

Each project is assigned a dedicated project manager who helps guide the project's progress and answer questions. The project manager will contact you to confirm the study design details, estimated sample number and submission date. We require that projects with multiple collection sites coordinate submission of samples and files through a single point of contact.


Step 2 - Submit Documents & Files

As the agreed upon sample submission date approaches, your project manager will send you information about what documents you will need to submit in order for your project to begin.  Information will include details about file formats and sample requirements.  A copy of the Institutional Data Certification Letter, Local Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval or Local Animal Care and Use approval for mouse projects, will be required.  Samples will not be accepted until all required documents and files are received.


Step 3 - Prepare & Ship DNA Samples

Your project manager will send you barcode-labeled 96-tube latched racks, shipping supplies, and instructions for sample preparation and placement.















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photo of DNA tech


DNA Technician Ewa Kwasnik dilutes a sample