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Informatics Scientific Posters


ASHG 2015

Calcordance: A Genotyping Concordance Tool


CANNOTATE: A Genomic Sequencing and Annotation Database


Integration of Bina RAVE for genomic data analysis at the Center for Inherited Disease Research


Massively Parallel Demultiplexing of Raw Illumina® Sequencing Data


Phoenix Web: Presenting Relevant Lab Data and Receiving Feedback from Outside Sources


Rapid Generation of Illumina® Infinium® Genotyping Release Data


Sequencing File Mover: A Tool for the Management of Sequencing Data


ASHG 2014

Implementing an NGS Bioinformatics Pipeline: Making the Transition from Research to Clinical


ASHG 2013

CIDRSeqSuite 4.0: A Toolbox for Next-Generation Sequencing Workflow Developement


CIDRVar: A Next-Generation Sequencing Database Linking Samples, Variants, and Annotations


ASHG 2012

Continuously Evolving Informatics at a Medium-Scale Genomics Center


AGBT 2012

CIDRSeqSuite: An Automated Analysis Pipeline for Next-Generation Sequencing


ASHG 2011

Sequencing Workflow at a Medium-Scale Genomics Center


The CIDR Infinium® WebLIMS: A Modular, Multi-Product Laboratory Information Management System for Illumina® Infinium Genotyping Platforms


CIDRSeqSuite 2.0: An Automated Analysis Pipeline for Next-Generation Sequencing


ASHG 2010

CIDRSeqSuite: Software Utilities for Automation of Next-Generation Sequencing Tasks


ASHG 2009

Data Storage and Archiving for Very High-Throughput Genotyping


Informatic Sample Handling Processes: A High Throughput Genotyping Facility's Workflow for Sample Information Tracking









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