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CIDR is staffed by nearly 60 knowledgeable and skilled individuals committed to a single purpose of producing the highest quality data. We are organized into 6 functional units: the laboratory, bioinformatics and IT, project management, technology evaluation, statistical genetics, and administration. Our staff is made up of talented and dedicated people who uphold the best standards to ensure excellent quality of work. Half of our staff hold Master’s degrees or higher; 95% of our staff have Bachelor’s degrees.

Kim Doheny, Ph.D., Lead Co-Principal Investigator & Director
David Valle, M.D., Co-Principal Investigator
Alan Scott, Ph.D., Co-Principal Investigator
Elizabeth Pugh, Ph.D., Co-Investigator
Jane Romm, M.S., Director of Laboratory
Michelle Mawhinney, M.S., Assistant Director of Laboratory
Lee Watkins, Jr., M.A., Director of Bioinformatics & IT
Janet Goldstein, B.A., Assistant Director of Bioinformatics
Kim Kutchins, M.B.A., Administrator

Marie Hurley, B.S., Manager
Chrissie Ongaco, B.S., Manager
Alysen Robinson, M.S., Manager
Lindsay Aker, B.S., Team Coordinator
Jessica Coppersmith, M.S., Team Coordinator
Nina DiFabion, B.S., Team Coordinator
Sarah Allen, B.S.
Melanie Devenport, B.S.
Lisa Fleet, M.S.
Jessica Gearhart, B.S.
Elizabeth Golden, B.S.
Tanner Grudda, B.S.
Ashley Hills, B.S.
Kristin Johnson, M.S.
Michelle Kokosinski, B.S.
Ewa Kwasnik, M.S.
Nicholas Reichart, B.S.
Laura Smith, B.S.
Noah Smith, B.S.

Bioinformatics and IT
Elvin Hsu, B.S., IT Systems & Support Manager
Sean Griffith, M.S., Software Team Coordinator

Kevin Duerr, B.S.
Filipp Kistenev, M.S.
Greg Lowe, B.S.
Laura Miedzianowski
Ben Myers, B.S.
Keith Roberts

Alice Sanchez, M.S.E.
Dean Snyder, B.A.
Sunny Sun, M.S.

Brad Tibbils, B.S.

Kayla Topper, B.S.

Project Management
Marcia Adams, M.S., Senior Project Manager
Roxann Ashworth, M.H.S.
Mary Jewell, B.L.A.
Ivy McMullen, M.F.S.
Tameka Shelford, M.A.
Jie Zhang, M.S.

Technology Evaluation
Vito Caropreso, B.S.
Brian Craig, M.S.
Kurt Hetrick, M.S.
Beth Marosy, M.S.
David Mohr, B.A.
Dane Witmer, Ph.D.

Statistical Genetics
Hua Ling, Ph.D.

Peng Zhang, Ph.D.

Lisa Jarvis, B.A.
Kate Kafka


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