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October 2012

Volume 2, Issue 3

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Publications Highlights

As more scientists are performing meta-analysis involving datasets produced on different genotyping platforms or on different arrays, the issue of allele nomenclature and strand consistency has become more important than ever. The Nelson et al paper, co-authored by CIDR Assistant Director Dr. Kim Doheny, describes how to achieve consistency in nomenclature when combining datasets. Read more...

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Employment Opportunities

- Research Technologist

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Next deadline for applications for the NIH CIDR Program

Sequencing Informatics

Have you heard the news? Next-generation sequencing is producing a veritable tsunami of data! The rate of increase in sequencer capacity has gone from a doubling time of 18 months in 2005 to about 6 months at present. So how does CIDR handle all the data from the thousands of DNA samples we sequence each year, not to mention the tens of thousands of samples we genotype every year?

The answer, in short, is that we use every means at our disposal: faster networking, faster compute servers with more efficient software, faster and higher-capacity storage, and a streamlined pipeline to discard unnecessary and/or duplicative data at the earliest possible stage. Archival data is also compressed. Read more...

Finding genes that contribute to disease

CIDR will be at the upcoming American Society of Human Genetics Meeting in San Francisco, CA November 6-10, 2012. Visit Booth #119 for the latest information about our products and services. CIDR staff are first authors on 7 scientific posters and contributing authors on 6 additional posters or platform presentations that involve work performed at CIDR. Read more...